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제목 ISMP2017 Submission of Abstract June 20, 2017
작성자 관리자1 등록일 2017-06-01
이메일 kmeps@kmeps.or.kr
15th International Symposium on Microelectronics and Packaging

Submit abstracts today: Deadline : 20 June, 2017

16th International Symposium on Microelectronics and Packaging (ISMP2017) is organized by KMEPS (The Korean Microelectronics and Packaging Society), and will address comprehensive coverage of recent advances in Materials, Processing, Simulation, Printed Electronics, Nano/Micro Joining Technology and Reliability of Electronic Packaging. We cordially invite you to submit abstracts for the conference, and look forward to welcoming you in COEX, Seoul, Korea

General Chair of ISMP2017 Yong Chul Park
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Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics(SCIE)
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Dear Colleague,

Please submit abstract today for ISMP 2017 - the 16th International Symposium on Microelectronics and Packaging, 17-19 October 2017 in COEX, Seoul, Korea

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations will be accepted until June 20, 2017.

Submit oral and poster presentation abstracts here.

Symposium Topics
    1. Electronic Materials and Processing
    2. Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Processing
    3. Advanced Packaging Technologies
    4. 3D Integration and Packaging
    5. LED Packaging and Applications
    6. MEMS Packaging and Applications
    7. Modeling, Simulation, Quality and Reliability of Electronic Components
    8. Nanomaterials and its Application Technology
    9. Micro/Nano Joining Technology
    10. Interconnection Materials and its Reliability
    11. IoT (Internet of Things), Sensor Devices and System
    12. Soldering and Surface Mount Technology
    13. Wearable and Stretchable Electronics
    14. Printed Electronics and Materials

    International Semiconductor Exhibition October 17-19 COEX For detail information click here (www.coex.co.kr)
    Important Dates
    June 20, 2017
    Abstract submission deadline
    July 1, 2017
    Notification of Acceptance
    September 17, 2017
    October 31, 2017
    Submission of Final Manuscript